Richard L. Nagle

A professional liability case is an extremely stressful experience for any healthcare provider. Professional reputations are at stake, and even the ability to practice medicine is jeopardized. Defending healthcare providers also presents a great challenge: educating a jury on intricate details of medicine and persuading its members that a provider met the applicable standard of care. For these reasons, providers look to Rich Nagle as their trusted advocate in matters of medical malpractice.

“Cases do not begin with opening statements,” says Rich, “and trials are not necessarily won or lost in the days and weeks preceding. Cases start and can be won through diligent preparation that occurs in the months, and even years, before the parties reach the steps of the courthouse on the first day of trial. To alleviate the stress, I start preparing the defense as soon as I’m notified of a new lawsuit. I work closely with clients and become familiar with the care at issue early in the litigation process. It allows me to retain strong expert witnesses, to conduct targeted discovery, and to identify and address potential issues or weaknesses before they can compromise the defense. Exacting preparation throughout the course of a lawsuit puts our clients in the best possible position for a favorable outcome.”


State University of New York at Albany, B.A.
The American University, Washington College of Law, J.D.


District of Columbia